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Welcome to Golden Oaks SpaMassage & Spa Parlour in Pachpadra

Spa, which combines the goodness of touch therapy and natural wellness, is a single word that means sure shot solution for stress, exhaustion and depression. Golden Oaks Spa is a specialized form of spa that originated in Barmer, but transcended the boundary of the country and became popularized all over India.

The predominant reason for this immense demand for Golden Oaks Spa all over Rajasthan had been its ability to cure various types of ailments from roots without the fear of any harmful side effects. It is amusing to note that this very concept that human touch can create magically healing actions was founded years ago and is being practiced for over 3600 since then. The physician of Lord Buddha, Shivago Komarpaj, is believed to be the proponent of this wondrous therapy.

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